Experiments with Mono-print and Screen Print

I take inspiration from varied sources and often work with several process to reach new outcomes. Here I have used a collograph plate and photocopied shapes to create screen printing positives. Each screen print is a monotype as I have applied the ink differently each time. I’m pleased with the results but I need to investigate further how to display them.

IMG_8195 web.jpg
IMG_8193 web.jpg

New Stockists

I am happy to say that The Hedgerow in Threshfield are now selling a selection of my greetings cards. They are screen printed by my own fair hands in Yorkshire.

Please take a look at their website


Latest Work

I have been experimenting with simple stencils and block colours on the screen printing bed, whilst working at WYPW. I will pursue this by exploring different stencilled shapes, looking to artists such as Matisse for inspiration. 

All Images Copyright Mari Teri 2016

All Images Copyright Mari Teri 2016

Starting with two to three colours produces unexpected vibrant blends of colour- it's great to see the happy accidents that can be achieved!  


Ade Adesina

Ade Adesina was born in Ibadan, Nigeria, and now lives in Scotland. He predominately works within Etching, Woodcut Print and Sculpture. Ade is concerned with the environment and climate change. His compositions feature grand scenes of nature, sometimes contrasted with natural destruction. The flora and fauna, trees and landscapes are bold but finely detailed with fluid and varying textures and markmaking. 

All images are copyright Ade Adesina. 

You can view Ade's work here 

Book Review: 'The North' by John Bulmer

The North by John Bulmer

This is a book of dark beauty, a testament to the very best of photojournalism in the 60s and 70s.  It gives a rare insight into the transformation of ‘The North’ recorded simultaneously with the birth of colour photography in the British press.  Few books reveal the immense difficulties faced by the working people of the North so successfully.  

Bulmer presents the infectious spirit of working people across a bleak cruel landscape.  The shipyards, collieries, steelworks, dark mills and terraced houses are depicted magnificently in this evocative historical archive.  Net curtains, pit ponies, flat caps, donkey jackets and corner shops abound.  If you grew up in ‘The North’ this will evoke memories, sadness and amazement at what has been lost.

All Images copyright John Bulmer

Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

I discovered the work of Henri Gaudier-Brzeska (1891–1915) only today when visiting the Tate website. I particularly like this picture, Sophie Brzeska, painted in 1913. I find the choice of colours and shading around the face distinctive and interesting. It also reminds me of Picasso. I am very interested in colour choice as I sometimes struggle with this area in my personal work. 

This piece is featured in the new DLA Piper Series: Constellations at the Tate Liverpool. The exhibition centres itself on the links between artists and artworks. I must go!

 All images copyright Tate Liverpool.


Norman Ackroyd

Another fellow Yorkshire native this week, Norman Ackroyd is another love of mine. I didn't know anything of him or his work until I watched a BBC documentary called 'What Do Artists Do All Day?'. Norman works and lives in an old docking building in Bermondsey, London. I admire Ackroyd's sense of self and hard work; he's up at 5am every morning, porridge, coffee, hard graft. Simple routine that produces results. But perhaps more importantly, I love his work. He produces these prints through a process of Aquatint, etching onto copper plates and applying a solution to create varying textures and marks. I love the skill, precision, details, individuality and sense of place of the print. I love how calm they make me feel and how Ackroyd captures the grandeur, cruel beauty and majesty of nature. 

All images copyright Norman Ackroyd www.normanackroyd.com



The Wonderful Work of Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien is a french illustrator represented by the Handsome Frank Illustration Agency in London. For me, the illustrations are charming, witty and funny. I love the colour choices and the messages which are communicated with such humour and simplicity.

All images can be found here. 

Copyright Jean Jullien

Copyright Jean Jullien

Copyright Jean Jullien

Copyright Jean Jullien

Copyright Jean Jullien

Copyright Jean Jullien

The Picnic Posters

Soon after starting work at Herman Miller, Steve Frykholm created this vast collection of modern posters for an annual company picnic. The posters are meticulously screen printed. Frykholm's choice of colour and attention to detail is remarkable. They were later chosen to be exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

This video shows some the eye-watering designs and some envious screen printing equipment too. Enjoy. 

*New Work

Here is a new addition to my portfolio: I hope that you like it. The brief was to create a customer reward scheme for Mothercare shoppers. The aim was to create a pocket-size package which included a booklet of vouchers and a pre-natal and post-natal checklist for mum.

I wanted the design to feel cosy and cheerful. I also included unusual facts about pregnancy and young children to add a touch of humour and fun.



I love the organic structures by Lionel Bawden. They are sculptures created with wooden pencils, ones in all manners of colours and thicknesses. Yet they are organised with great precision and attention to detail.

You can view his work here: www.lionelbawden.com


Sebastião Salgado: Genesis is currently on show at the Natural History Museum, London.  The exhibition reveals extraordinary photographs of wildlife, remote tribes and majestic landscapes.  I highly recommend this exhibition, especially to photography or nature enthusiasts.

Salgado spent over eight years documenting some of the most primitive and isolated locations on the planet; the outcome is a striking and mesmerizing photography collection.  This inspiring body of work captures the fragility of the planet and our duty to conserve and protect it.  I doubt that anyone will leave without high admiration of Salgado’s perseverance to create remarkable photographs in challenging environments.

The exhibition runs till 8 September 2013.  Check the website for more details: nhm.ac.uk

All Images @Sabastio Salgado/ Amizonas/ NB Pictures